Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Thursday, 23 December 2010

A sense of time

I had a little reflective pause soon after I left work - just before we packed up and left for Spain. I have never been a great reflector, though knowing this, I do try to spend time thinking as well as time 'doing'. Doing definitely comes more naturally than thinking though I am very fond of leafing through memories and dredging up the feelings and emotions from many moons ago. I was very aware, in this earlier reflective pause, that my good friends and I had created many memories to treasure - to unwrap and enjoy again at leisure. And now, as Christmas is almost here, and memories are stirring, my reflective pause now feels a bit like getting out the Christmas decorations; being pleased that I put them away so carefully; wrapping up the delicate pieces; folding all the tinsel neatly; untangling the lights. Finding them as lovely this year as last, never tiring of seeing the same things once again. Welcoming like old friends the favourite angel/snowman/santa/bauble.

I have been so pleasantly surprised recently by the number of emails, text messages, comments on this blog and the odd paper letter that have made their way to me from old friends and new. Christmas is such a good time to pause and reflect - not just on what Christmas might mean to many people - but on the passing of time itself. This time last year I had no concept of what lay ahead of us. Most unexpected were the next few months - full of turmoil and some anxiety - and ultimately a decision that was taken quickly if not lightly. Time flew by in early 2010 and we arrived at August hardly pausing for breath. And how strange that these past five months seem in some ways to have also gone by so quickly, yet now - in looking back - the memories we've created seem to be playing to me in slow motion. I think that despite the stress of not having found the house of our dreams as yet, we have had the opportunity to really relax. And relax in a way that I - as a working mother - in the past never had chance to do. It makes a big difference to my sense of time.

And I like having the time to reflect on that. And I love being able to blog about it. I really do love my blog and those of other bloggers - it's lovely to have that glimpse into the lives of other people. I do hope you enjoy the glimpse you have into ours. Even so, tomorrow - Noche Buena -  and Christmas Day, there'll be no glimpsing (what a lovely word that is!) either from me into yours or for you into mine as all my attention will be on family and having as good a Christmas as possible - with fun, laughter, games, good company and good food. I do hope you have a good one too! Merry Christmas.

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