Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Monday, 27 December 2010

Types will out

Oh gosh, here I am again! I started packing yesterday with much enthusiasm and energy. I filled our four big suitcases; I packed all the books from the bookcase we installed at los abuelos' house; I brought boxes up from the cellar and down from the attic; the wardrobe is empty (in a fit of over-enthusiasm, I packed ALL Cesar's clothes! Fortunately, there remained a few items in the wash - otherwise he would have only what he was wearing yesterday...)

And now, whilst Cesar has made a brief trek north to collect a few more boxes from Leon, I am supposed to be 'finishing off' the packing.


I've been lying in bed, listening to my children playing with their new presents in the room next door - and it's been lovely to hear them negotiating and planning and discussing their battle strategies (I assume they were playing with Ruy's Battleground game..) and then I got up and brought them some breakfast in their room - an unexpected treat for them. I am so glad that they receive anything 'out of the ordinary' as a treat, no matter how small or insignificant it might seem. And as I started here off thinking about my own 'type traits', it's probably a good job that my children are a pretty adaptable, spontaneous bunch who happily discard old habits for new routines and who find the new exciting, rather than seriously challenging. I might not be teaching them all the important things in life - and I do confess that I sometimes have to resort to telling them what is right, rather than always being relied upon to demonstrate through my actions - but I do try. And as I am writing, I am feeling guilty that I am writing not 'finishing off' and that I am telling the children to tidy up now, that we have to finish packing...and I am here, writing, not packing! 

So, with a sense of duty (urgh) not the excitement of starting something new, I should away to 'finish off'.

Perhaps if I think of it as making a start in the children's room, that will help. 

Yes.. I need to start work on putting away all those new things that will feel new all over again when we unpack again in a few more days!!

There - if I don't think of it as finishing off, I can do it. See you all soon!!

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