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Casa Rosales

Monday, 27 December 2010

A glimpse of the world through another's eyes

Mateo got a camera for Christmas from his English grandparents - and was delighted. I've just downloaded his pictures onto the computer - (his cable works, mine doesn't which is why I need the printer to access my photos!) and it's fascinating to see the things he's photographed and how much of 'Mateo' comes through the pictures. I have asked if I can show you some of his photos and he's agreed - I'm so glad!

He took pictures of the 'Belen' - which is a traditional Bethlehem scene that many Spanish households put out each Christmas. This year, I can definitely see a few additions from my own children - probably Mateo himself! See if you can spot them too...

There's lots of lovely details though this year, there is less moss forming the base - we've had a busy time and what with us all being ill, the Belen didn't make it's appearance until late last week.

The children have had such fun rearranging things over the past few days - the Kings have been giving baby Jesus camel rides and when one of the legs fell off one of the camels, a willing triceratops offered to be a stand in... did you spot him? I think he looks rather marvellous!

I suspect Mateo is also responsible for the penguin's presence on the bridge.

I gave Mateo this penguin almost exactly four years ago. Mateo has always loved penguins - he's very like a penguin himself. His cousin, who is only 15 months older is like a giraffe. When they are together, they always look to me like a Roald Dahl story. (I know it was a pelican, not a penguin but I like the concept.)

He's a lovely penguin. They are both lovely penguins. And Mateo still pronounces it 'pinguin' which is a left over from being a little boy when he used to mix up Spanish and English words. He said the first half of the word as if it was Spanish and the second syllable as if it was English.


 These three photos are lovely and really capture how much is going on and I love that he's seen this and is able to tell a story with his camera.

And the more I look at the figures, the more I love them for themselves.

 The other traditional character in the story is the 'crapping man' - every Belen has one. I guess anyone can get caught short on a long journey. 

I didn't stop to check how hidden he was - Romy is fascinated by this character and everytime I look, he's relieving himself in a different place - often not quite as discreetly as this!

And finally - this little thing is what they are all on their way to see. I think this baby has seen better days but it's been in the family for a long time and I don't think anyone will ever change it for another baby.

And rightly so!

The other photos on his camera are all close up shots - very typical of my son liking to observe things in detail - which is why he sees things I don't.

I just love these.

(And now, back to more packing.)


  1. Through a child's eyes... you know your son best, I appreciate how much you recognize of him in his photos. I love seeing photographs taken by my children... seeing where they focus, their point of view... it is fascinating.
    "The crapping man?!" My maturity is a fragile thing, and this concept utterly topples me in to a fit of pure amusement. None of my Nativities or Belens has this feature... I feel deprived!

  2. Good to see i get a mention as a giraffe in this annie :)

  3. Your Belen is so charming....especially through your son's eyes/camera. What a thoughtful and lovely post. Thanks for sharing. Roald Dahl Rocks!

  4. I always enjoy close up photos. They really show a story. I'm still enjoying your journey.


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