Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Instead of a cold..

This week, when most of us have been snuffling, sniffing, sneezing and other less palatable things, Romy has been in the rudest of health. She really is a tough one. And she was very brave yesterday because we should have all been going to listen to the school choir sing in Salamanca and we couldn't go. Both Romy and Ruy are important choir members as they both have excellent voices and love to sing. But we were too unwell to go and we are very sorry, Romy, and very sorry CEIP Kantica.

Instead of having a cold, Romy decided this week, she would learn to ride a bike. For years, she has really resisted the idea. She used to ride a little bike with stabilisers but when this became too small, she adamantly refused to have a go on a bigger one without the stabilisers - which is most unlike her as she's definitely a 'have a go' girl. So, we left it. She's been rollerskating instead recently.

However, Cesar was clearing out the shed in his parent's garden earlier this week and discovered about 5 old bikes - and he had the strange but ultimately brilliant idea of removing the pedals from one of them.

The theory was that if Romy tried riding the bike, using her feet to move her along rather than pedals, she would get a better idea of how to balance..
She agreed to give it a go

One foot up.. or is it down?

Look - no feet!

I think this is a moment of victory.

This morning , I took a 'recuperation' stroll to the plaza - and there was my daughter, riding a bike with pedals and no stabilisers as if she'd been doing it all her life!

Looks like we might have to get her a bigger bike soon! (To say nothing of some new, longer jeans!!)

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