Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Saturday, 19 February 2011

On request

Ruy asked me today if I'd make scones. I had made some a few weeks ago, using up the last of the self-raising flour and caster sugar that had come all the way from England with us. Despite searching high and low, I haven't found either item anywhere in Spanish shops, so I had a go with substitutes (plain flour with baking powder and demerara sugar) and I didn't use the buttermilk suggested because I haven't seen any of that either.

I'm pleased with the results.

This is my recipe book - the original, Scottish recipe adapted after checking out what Delia had to say.

Delia rarely gets things wrong and is a true goddess unlike other pretenders...

I don't do detail but this isn't a recipe that needs much explaining. Delia says buttermilk instead of the milk and adds an egg. I used an egg and about 2 tablespoons of milk to milk the ingredients together.

Working in my rather small kitchen, space is at a premium with the hob doubling as a worktop.

(Note how badly the oven fits - but at least I have an oven!! )

And happy to find I had brought my Granny's rolling pin with me - lots of memories.

Turned out nice, golden and light.

We enjoyed them with raspberry jam and some rather runny cream and they disappeared quickly whilst still warm....

Simple pleasures.

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