Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Happy talk

Today has been good.

I've really enjoyed my Spanish conversation classes.
I've had a one to one session with a kinesthetic learner. We went to the local supermarket and touched things and smelt things and named things and I think some of the learning will stick as result. We enjoyed each others company and the hour flew by.
I've had a conversation class with several ladies, many of whom have lived here for a number of years. They've all tried classes of Spanish before and given up because the focus was on learning verbs and grammar. So today, we chatted. Mainly in English this time but linking in the Spanish for much of what we were discussing. The hour flew by (for me!) and they're ready to come again next week.
I have met two lovely Spanish people who want to come and have English conversation classes. And they want to bring a friend too.

So I spent the morning talking to people, which is what I like to do and I got paid for it as well.

And when I got home, my bestest friend (sounds better than oldest!) has joined Facebook and asked me to be her friend. And she was online so we could have a chat.

Happy talk; happy talking.


  1. S'my friend, Annie Relph, cake maker extraordinaire - see Scattercake link in my side bar.


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