Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Flu, flu, not quite flown

Romy is poorly with the 'flu. She wasn't right when we went to Almeria on Saturday and I have a photo of her lying on the beach, covered up with everyone's jumpers and towels as she could not get warm. It was 23º C, which is a wonderful temperature (especially for an early February day.) But the sun didn't get through to her at all. She was brave but just wanted to go home. She won't let me put the photo here - didn't want me to take it in the first place - so I won't.

Since then, her temperature has flared violently and often - leaving her shaking and terrified, begging me to go away from her because I'm 'going too fast'. It's been dreadful not knowing how best to console her. It's happened so often that at least now, she knows when it's starting again and that it will pass quicker if she lets me put a cool flannel on her brow and stroke her with my (usually) chilly hands. And we're sneaking antibiotics into her juice, which also makes me feel bad but there was no other way to get her to take them. A usually obliging and sensible girl, this flu has made her resistant to pleas to her better nature.

But it is passing and she's getting better every hour, spurred on by the knowledge that next Friday is her big school trip to Granada, where the children will go to a concert and to the Science Technology Park. It's a very exciting thing to look forward to and I do hope she'll be fine again by then.

I thank goodness yet again that my children are usually strong, healthy and well and hope that continues for the rest of their lives.

And how lovely, she's just come in to ask me if I've nearly finished - because she wants me to play with her! Hurray!!

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