Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Thursday, 10 February 2011

La Mota - the beautiful!

The longer we live here in Alcalá la Real, the more I grow to love the views of the fortress on the hill known as 'La Mota'. More or less from every place in the town, if you look up or along, you will see it.

It's a stunning sight from any angle but glimpsed from various points of the town, it becomes a most comforting thing to look at. This is the view just leaving our apartment:

(This is just another view of our fifth floor apartment - all the balconies you can see on the top level are ours - where I precariously peep over to look for Mateo coming home from school or to hang out the washing - I haven't sussed out the complicated lines that go across the inner courtyard area... must try that soon!)

Back to La Mota and another view from the little plaza behind the apartment, taken as I was walking to the supermarket:

And looking 'up' from the supermarket itself, which is on the 'bottom' road to the south of the town.

It's everywhere you look - see how it is from Ruy and Romy's school - how wonderful to see that as you arrive and leave each day!

And turning around is the view of the school. On certain days, year 6 are out and driving around in go-karts on a track that runs in front of the school - learning traffic sense and road skills. (I suspect this might be a relatively recent addition to the curriculum judging from the state of the cars and the amount of 'parking by ear' by the bigger ex-alumnos!) Still, both Ruy and Romy are very keen for their turn at go-karting in school time! And on Tuesdays, this space is where the weekly market is held where there is some wonderful stuff to be found - my favourite stall is the herbal tea man - if only I could blog the amazing scents that come from his stall!

That blue sky is today - it's a very beautiful day, still with a nip in the air, but a sense of what heat there is to come. When the awful bug that has got most of our family gripped at the moment has gone, I am going to venture up to La Mota again (walking this time) to have a closer look and see what Alcala la Real looks like from up there.

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