Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Town, Village and Country Houses

I wouldn't want anyone to think we were just sitting around down here, soaking up the Andalucian sun, tapas and atmosphere. Oh no, we have been very busy looking at houses.

We've looked at town houses:

with impressive views
and impossibly steep access

Lovely tiles and features

Quirky kitchens


after bedroom

and wonderful staircases

right in the centre of town.
 And we've fallen in love with the look of country houses...

til we find they are actually right on the main road...
 And with village houses done up to perfection

with gorgeous features
wonderful views
and lovely houses that were just too small inside
or had too little outside space

despite having interiors to dream in

or for...

Or wonderful, peaceful views

cosy lounges with woodburning stoves

and kitchens where the food just had to taste good

..oh, and how well would we sleep here!

There are some beautiful ones out there - and I wish their owners all the very best of luck. Thus far, though, however gorgeous some of the houses have been, we have yet to find just what we are looking for. We are reassured by what we've seen that the right one is out there somewhere, waiting for us to find it.


  1. I have not been in Andalucia, I see your pictures and I would like to go there.

  2. Some lovely houses! House hunting is daunting and exhausting isn't it, I'm at the start of my search and am stuck doing it online initially but the choice is staggering and as this will be my third country move I am aware that the real work starts when you hit the ground and it will take months. Good luck with your search and thanks for blogging about your move. Karen

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