Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Our house, in the middle of our street

Madness! The song 'Our house' is one that we have sung a lot recently as we've driven around looking at properties in Spain.

Although we've still to find 'it', I thought I'd show you where we are at the moment. It's definitely in the middle of a street!
This is the view out of the lounge terrace. Not much to see apart from the rather elegant set of apartments across the road. Nice blue sky today!

As I was looking the other way, I noticed a man cleaning his roof - rather a dangerous place, I thought! I have checked, he's now inside and safe.

This is looking up the main street towards the park and main plaza which is a lovely space with places for the children to play and also there are installations especially for the older people to keep fit. Which is a nice idea and I have tried a few though I suspect I am a bit too young for them just yet...

And this is a picture of some plasticine fruit and veg that Romy made - just noticed them on my camera. Sweet - specially the orange and the mushroom.
(the others are a tomato, a sprout and and, obviously, a banana.)

And although these photos are rather poorly lit (these modern cameras!) I love the concentration on the faces of Ruy and Romy as they hold Snuffkin (or Elmer or Bingbang.. still not quite decided) - who is absolutely gorgeous and who has made himself very much at home with us already.

If anyone wondered what had happened to Nemo, the little dog of los abuelos, who was going to come south with us - well, he's still fine and he will still come to us when we have a more dog-friendly home for him to live in. I don't think he would like this fifth floor piso where he couldn't even go out on the terrace because the gap under the railings is big enough for him to fall through. His time will come!

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  1. I like the look of this place, and your collection of pictures are great. Might be going to see Madness in a couple of weeks. They're playing in Sheffield apparently!


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