Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

All work, no play... not our style. It's not really Spanish style either.

Today, we left the boxes and headed off to the lovely summer pool that opens for just three months a year, here in Alcala la Real.

We all had a lovely swim - Romy and Ruy staying in for around 2 hours - whilst Cesar, Mateo and I sunned ourselves and read books.

Not a lot of people at the pool. But strangely, for Andalucia, it closes at 7pm. I haven't worked that out yet. There is still a lot for me to learn...

Elsewhere in Spain, Pamplona, to be exact, today marked the first of nine manic days of fiesta for San Fermin. This is a very famous fiesta where people run through the streets - accompanied by bulls - usually wine-soaked, but more fuelled by testosterone than alcohol, I suspect.

A man is thrown into the air during the Chupinazo to mark the start at noon of the San Fermin Festival 
Photograph: Pedro Armestre/AFP/Getty Images

Today saw lots of wine being sprayed around, drunk and wasted. The streets were absolutely packed with people from the world over. This is Spain at its partying 'best'!

The bull running starts tomorrow, quite early and Cesar is planning to get up to watch it on the television. I might join him, I might not.

And that is something else I have yet to work out - the complex relationship between Spaniards and bulls - this may take some time as one thing I know is that it's very complex.

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  1. I think I'll leave the bulls to Cesar, but the pool looks gorgeous, Annie. What a shame it's closed in the evening and you can't swim as the sun goes down.


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