Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Sunday, 3 July 2011

A brief note from 'Bolivia'

Here we are, several boxes packed and unpacked again - and although there are still a large number that have not been opened, we're beginning to see a bit of floor space here in Calle Bolivia.

We can see La Mota from our roof terrace and hear the grillos chirping in the darkness and see trees and flowers in the square from our bedroom window.

And despite being only a five minute walk away from our previous home - the dreaded fifth floor apartment - it feels like we've moved from a town to a village. The odd car passing; people and families walking back and forth; the ubiquitous motorbike - and then peace and silence.

The children have had picnics on the terrace that leads from Romy's room; they've each laid out their rooms to their own taste (Ruy's is organised, everything in place, clothes away; Romy and Mateo are still in a state of chaos) - and although their beds are on the floor (still no nuts and bolts to put the bases together!) they have all slept two long, deep sleeps since the move on Friday and are the better for it. As for getting my own bed back - well, words cannot describe the pleasure of sinking into the depths of a memory foam mattress - one that obviously remembers me well! 'Bliss' will have to do!

I am highly amused by taking out the rubbish. Here in Spain, there are big communal rubbish bins - for plastic, glass, paper and household stuff - and on a regular basis, one of us will poddle off loaded with what needs throwing out. Before, the boys usually went down the five floors and out to the main street to get rid; now, we have to go either to Chile or Uruguay to reach the a result of the street names around here!

And Telefonica came this very morning - Sunday - to reconnect us to our telephone and internet line.
We are very nearly sorted; very nearly!

Pictures will follow - when I relocate my's here somewhere!


  1. Very good. Sounds like it's coming together very nicely :-)

  2. Hello Annie

    Thank you for making me laugh over my morning coffee: imagining you taking your rubbish to Chile or Uruguay. You are going to have endless fun with those street names.

    On a more serious note: the authorities here actually considered importing household rubbish all the way from Naples. Apparently, now that incinerators have become big business - there's just not enough rubbish to go round.


  3. Thank you Andy - I can actually hear your voice in your comment! Very you. Ax

    Anna - glad we share a sense of humour! As for not enough rubbish - we really all have to try much harder; the big business solution makes me feel ill (as usual!) Ax


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