Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Papa's taking us to the zoo tomorrow..

(Well, actually, we went yesterday.)

To the BioParc Zoo in Fuengirola and we had a wonderful afternoon, staying late into the evening - the zoo stays open til midnight so you get to see a different group of animals once night falls.

A small but well-designed zoo where you can get really close to the animals in their stunning settings.
I am rather pleased with some of these photos.

Lemurs wandering freely on their 'Madagascan Island' right in the middle of Fuengirola.
Baobab Tree (recreated)

Crested Crane

One of our favourites - the Silverback Gorilla

He was wonderful.

More of our favourites - the lemurs

We were able to wander around their island inamongst them
This was the most inquisitive one - we think he liked us.

He was very curious
A very handsome couple - the female is pregnant

This is how close you could get

This is mother and daughter chimp - who were very sweet together

We were totally blown away by this amazing creature

He really enjoyed strutting his stuff

Sturgeons - ancient fish and one of Mateo's favourites of the day

Mateo and I did a double take as we rounded a corner and came face to face with these beasts - for a split second I was terrified! Then I remembered the glass...

A red river hog - with a face like a court jester - gorgeous!

They were very comical.

Pygmy hippos

The male and female gorillas

Night time view

Don't you just love him!

Good birthday choice, Mateo. We had a very memorable day.


  1. What a fantastic zoo, Annie. No wonder you all had such a good day.

  2. What a beautiful zoo! No cages, just big open compounds ... wonderful for the animals.

  3. I would like to rest like the white tiger ;)


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