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Monday, 11 July 2011

Seven Links

I had a message on Facebook today. From one of my friends. Not someone I know personally, but a fellow blogger with whom I've exchanged comments and a few emails. You can sort of tell when you've found someone it's nice to know. And Karen, based in Turkey, is one of those people. On her lovely blog, Being Koy, beautifully written, full of wonderful photos, she has recently nominated five other bloggers, including me, to take part in the Seven Links Project, which was started recently by Katie at Trip Base.

The aim (in Katie’s words) “is to unite bloggers (from all sectors) in a joint endeavour to share lessons learned and create a bank of long but not forgotten blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again”. 
Those of you who have read my blog over the past year or so will know that I have often claimed to be a bit butterfly-minded, not a great one for reflecting, rather excessively extroverted - lucky for me I am such a quick typist, otherwise I might not have the concentration required to actually finish a post before finding something else to distract me. Unlike Karen's, my own Blackpool-rock message says 'What next?'

So, I've spent the day procrastinating in a rather haphazard manner, in amongst recovering from my first hangover in many, many years - celebrating our joint birthdays last night with some lovely Spanish friends on our new roof terrace - and then later today, watching 'Amadeus' again, on TV and luckily in English. And I'm digressing! I have to follow these three simple rules:

1. The Blogger is nominated to take part by another blogger
2. He/she publishes their 7 links on their own blog. One link for each category.
3. He/she nominates up to five more bloggers to take part.

So, without further ado, here goes - a bit of reflection on my own posts thus far, one for each of the given categories. 

My most beautiful post
I don't know that I've written this yet... but I love the photographs and the memories created on the day we went into the countryside just a few minutes outside Alcala la Real - entitle Sensory Overload. The photographs of the poppies are lovely and I think I managed to capture the range of gorgeous countryside plus the pleasure we had as a family exploring it together. And I've only just noticed that there are hardly any words - so does this count? Regardless of how many other people look at this post, it remains very special and this is why blogging is important to me.

My most popular post     
I'm going to cheat a bit with this one, because the post that has had the most hits of all is the one entitled My Facebook Wordcloud. It has had so many hits because of the popular words it contains. However, I think I will claim The Last Post as the most popular as more people stayed and read this and there are also more comments, including one from an old friend who I haven't actually seen for probably more than thirty years. I have Facebook and blogging to thank for that. Big hugs, Alan!
My most controversial post 
I haven't written anything controversial - yet! I say this based on the fact that I have attracted no unusual comments or attention from anywhere - and haven't been looking for them either. I feel I should apologise, but I won't and instead would like to include here a post I did about Bloody Volvo Drivers - which possibly could offend some folks.... 

My most helpful post   
I don't know if it has been helpful, but I wrote about my father and the effects he suffered following a stroke in It Makes You Think - FAST  and I'd really like to think that by promoting knowledge about the symptoms of a stroke, maybe even one person might benefit somewhere, somehow.

A post whose success surprises me   
I was initially quite surprised at the number of hits achieved by my description of our week at Violet's Cave in Bacor Olivar but I realise now just how many people are using the internet to find holiday accommodation - and caves are quite popular. This is one of my most frequented pages, which is lovely as I couldn't praise the cave house highly enough. Violet is now a friend via Facebook and several other people have been in touch with me about both the cave house and the village. I have learnt that the title of a post can make a huge difference to the number of hits you get and if a place name is included, then you will attract a wide audience.

A post I feel didn’t get the attention it deserved 
Gosh, this is an impossible one to answer. I confess that I enjoyed writing one post very much and although it had its fair share of visits, it was one I'd have liked more people to read - if only to try and share the fun and enjoyment we had ourselves during the time I describe. Conquered - or the Famous Five do Southwold.

The post I am most proud of  
Again, I am going to cheat a bit. I've enjoyed doing all my posts - pride isn't quite the word I'd use to describe how I feel, though. I think that I provided a lot of information about Simancas, a lovely village in Valladolid, in the Seven Severed Hands post and I was pleased to remember my story about Ireland but I guess that the one I am most proud of is the very first one. If I hadn't made that first step, I would have missed out on what is now a most important part of my life - so Starting Out - however tentative it is, how uninspired it is - is the one I am most proud of. I do like beginnings!

And the bloggers I would like to nominate are:

Andy Simcox's Blog - Andy was a colleague and friend of mine and he started blogging just a few weeks or so before me and it was he who encouraged me to get on with my own. All round good chap with a lovely family and a very reflective style.
ChickenBlog - Natalie was born to blog! She is wonderful, eclectic, thoughtful and writes with love and passion. I adore her blog and really do feel as though I know her and her very special family.
HATTAT - a fascinating blog by Jane and Lance, who have a wonderful homes in Brighton and Budapest and never fail to produce an extraordinary and interesting post.
K{IR}STEN -  whose name is not Kristen! Another kindred spirit blogger, found through our mutual interests and whose life I now feel part of. Excellent photos too.
And how could I resist including Menopausal Musings - whose blog is actually full of the most beautiful images and lovely thoughts - no real sign of difficult hormones at all!

And apologies to many other bloggers who I would love to nominate, but five is all I am allowed. I think this is a lovely idea and whilst it's been quite challenging, I have very much appreciated the time spent doing it. Thank you again, Karen.


  1. Great choices. Loved the Volvo post, hadn't seen that before. And chosing a mainly picture post as your most definately a good idea. K xxx

  2. Brilliant, Annie! I don't know what you were worrying about :-) It's been great to discover posts I hadn't read and I'm so glad you included the Southwold one, which I think is truly fantastic. Your selection of 5 bloggers looks very appealing, especially as I only know Hattatt so far. Lots of good reading ahead....

  3. Hello Annie:
    What can we possibly say? We have so enjoyed reading this post, as with all that you write, and the way in which your topics vary, and touch on a whole range of interests, has huge appeal to us as, we are sure, that they do for all of your readers. We are so pleased that you give mention to the post about The Famous Five at Southwold for that continues to resonate with us not only for the brilliant way in which it is written, but also for the way in which it brings back memories of life when we were all that bit younger, and more foot loose and fancy free.

    That said, we were absolutely startled, flattered and honoured to read that you had thought of us to take part in the Seven Links' Scheme about which we had read with great interest on Perpetua's recent post. We do trust that you will not be offended, and understand, if we decline your most kind and generous thought. It is just that we write our blog entirely [and we do hope that this does not sound selfish] for ourselves. Of course we are delighted to have readers, comments, and Followers too, but we feel, at least at the moment, and we are still very new having only started in April, that we should stay with our original intention. But that said, a million thanks, Annie.

  4. Great post Annie. This project is proving to be a very interesting one xx

  5. Thank you everyone, for your comments. It was quite a hard thing for me to do - and immediately I published, I wanted to choose a completely different set of posts! Or write some new ones... it's a 'P' thing. (Myers Briggs)

  6. Hi Annie, thank you sooooooo much for the kind words and for nominating me but I am going to say no. I find nominating others just far too difficult to do and become too, too angst ridden in the process.

    Having said that, I read your post about Volvo drivers highly amusing and roared with laughter. You see, my other half drives a metallic, automatic Volvo estate and I have always said jokingly about him "out of my way, I drive a Volvo, don't you know".....

    I shall savour your links to your other posts at leisure later.... Once again, thank you.

  7. MPM - I do understand your angst and would hate to be a cause of it. I hope I have at least created a few extra links and put people in touch who enjoy blogging and bloggers. There are some wonderful ones around and yours and HATTATs deserve the recognition. Ax

  8. Annie - You know I enjoyed reading your post about your selection, don't you? I can hear you saying it all with a wry smile. It was nice to dip a toe back into a number of your previous offerings.

    Thank you for thinking of me in your selection. I was flattered and, I have accepted your invitation. My Seven Links are now on my blog:

    I'm going to follow the rest of the trail that you have laid out before me now ...

    Andy X

  9. This is sooooo neat! Thanks for the nomination. I loved reading your category reflections! I remember some of your posts that you mentioned...especially the comical Volvo one for some reason! haha. Anytime I see a volvo or a disgruntled driver, I, alllll the way over here in Florida, think of you allllll the way over there in Spain! Thanks again for the nomination! Now I must put on my thinking hat and rflect on some of my own old dusty posts for the categories and which fellow bloggers I will nominate. PS. You've nooo idea how many times people misspell my name as KRisten and call me Kristen. ugh.

  10. So glad you will take part, Kirsten! Love your enthusiasm - look forward to reading your selections. Axxx

  11. *blushing*
    Thank you for nominating me, and for your very generous remarks.
    Gosh, has it taken me long enough to get over here and check this out?! So sorry. I want to play along... so give me a moment, and I will figure this out!

  12. Gah! This is impossible! Or at least really, really hard. Obviously I have read the categories now, and am sort of reeling from the idea of trying to match something I have done with concepts like "popular" and "most helpful."
    Don't worry... I am mostly laughing at my weak self for trying to avoid an interesting challenge.


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