Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

A very warm welcome to..

Our puppy who has no name.
First view at the 'Animals in Distress' centre near Coin, Malaga

Our thanks to the wonderful José, who looked and spoke like an Englishman but who is originally from Spain and could switch seamlessly between the two languages, and who rescues and looks after dogs that are abandoned around the province of Malaga.

I said that 'Rolly', as he was named temporarily at birth, was calling me from the website. I knew he would be ours - and the strange thing was that when we went into the dog enclosure, he looked me straight in the eye and said - 'ah, I've been calling you, where've you been?' And that was it - no further discussion necessary.

He's ours

Settling in

for the long journey home..

 I have three very happy children who can hardly believe who has arrived to live with them. But despite spending days thinking of names beforehand, he's neither a Luther nor a Zeus nor a Bach - nor indeed any of the others - so as yet, he is nameless.

He might end up with Rolly, though we'd spell it Rowley, as that's the name of the school the children went to in England and they have very fond memories of that.

He's also like a little sheep - what would be a good name for a little sheep?
And being a Famous Five fan, of course, I just can't rule out Timmy.

(He does keep telling me he's called 'Alfie' but I can't convince everyone else of that name.)

Help please!!


  1. Hello Annie:
    Whatver the name he is adorable. What a wonderful good news, win, win all round!!

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  3. How sweet is he? Oh I can tell that he is going to get lots of cuddles - he is irresistible.


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