Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Friday, 15 July 2011

Etnosur - Day One

Etnosur - the ethnic music festival - has arrived in Alcala la Real at last.

This is the front of the children's school - now adorned with Etnosur drapes
And the sun shone down this morning.
We went at about 11 o'clock to see what was happening.
And plenty of things were!

In the Paseo de los Alamos - strictly lo-tech games - which everyone enjoyed very much

Lots of concentration required... get that little marble safely to the top!

Pushing wooden bowls along a narrow band with a long pole - who knew it could be such fun!
Workshops in the shade

Enjoying the clowns

They were funny

Making hats and boxes and supporting Oxfam

And cooling down in one of the many shower areas

Coming out of the shower in a glittering rainbow mist

Later on, I went back again to listen to a choir concert and the Paseo had filled up a bit more and the music went on:

Sounds of drumming filled the park ... the smell was less roses, more weed!

A colourful event, without doubt.

The choir was excellent and soon had us all up and dancing in the aisles.

This is day one - in half an hour, we're off to see how the evening fares - starts around 10.30 and goes on til 4am. We might not quite last that long... I will report back!


  1. Hello Annie:
    What wonderful fun this appears to be. Lively, colourful and clearly much enjoyed by all ages alike.

    We are now thinking of your setting off to dance the night away, or similar. Have a really marvellous time and we shall look forwardto hearing more.

  2. A wonderful set of pictures: my favourite was that game with the marble - so simple, yet soooo challenging.

  3. Absolutely, MPM, the kids really enjoyed this one - and I am delighted they did. I worry sometimes that so much time spent on hi-tech games might spoil the more simple enjoyments to be had - but not at all. I am challenging my husband to make us one! Ax


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